Math in Practice Workshops

The teaching strategies we choose will form our students’ beliefs about math. Will our students leave our classrooms thinking that math is all about speed and right answers, or will they have a different set of beliefs that embrace understanding, discovering, thinking, problem solving, and risk taking?

Susan O’Connell

Are you interested in professional development related to Math in Practice?

One-Day Workshops

One-Day Workshops provide an in-depth look at best-practice math instruction, including strategies and activities that can be used in your classroom right away. Explore the features and components of Heinemann’s Math in Practice series, unpack big ideas such as modelling and math talk, and walk away with a wealth of practical ideas for enhancing instruction.

  • Examine ways to build your students’ confidence with and love of math.
  • Discover ways to integrate the teaching of problem solving into daily lessons.
  • Identify key teacher questions that promote math understanding.
  • Explore the role of math talk in building students’ understanding and discover strategies to help students talk more precisely about their thinking.
  • Reflect on math investigations that lead to important math discoveries.

Multi-Day Institutes

Multi-Day Institutes dive even deeper into critical classroom practices, looking closely at how the Math in Practice grade-level books and A Guide for Teachers can support teachers daily. Multi-day institutes can be two days, three days, or more and tailored to meet your needs by focusing on grade spans (K–2, 3–5) or individual grade levels.

Math Coach/Administrator Sessions

Math Coach/Administrator Sessions provide math leaders with strategies to guide teachers’ learning as well as ideas for coordinating an effective elementary math program.  Topics include what to look for in elementary math classrooms, ideas for ongoing professional learning opportunities for K-5 teachers, strategies for facilitating teacher work groups, and ways to enhance parent communication.

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