Additional Consulting Services

Math Coach/Administrator Sessions

Math Coach/Administrator Sessions provide math leaders with strategies to guide teachers’ learning as well as ideas for coordinating an effective elementary math program.  Topics include what to look for in elementary math classrooms, ideas for ongoing professional learning opportunities for K-5 teachers, strategies for facilitating teacher work groups, and ways to enhance parent communication.

Classroom Walk-Throughs

Classroom Walk-Throughs are an effective way to gather information about current teaching practices and lead to productive discussions about ways to enhance your math program.  Contact QTD to schedule classroom walk-throughs and follow-up discussions to confer about the specific needs of your teachers or students.

Examining Student Work

Examining Student Work is a highly-effective professional learning activity. In this session, teachers examine their own students’ work, learn how to glean valuable insights from that work, and engage in discussions that impact their math teaching practices.  Student tasks are provided and the discussions are facilitated to offer a model that you can replicate for future meetings within your buildings.