Websites to Explore

Try these websites for fun classroom activities and valuable teacher resources.

Math Professional Organizations and Standards
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics
Common Core State Standards for K-12 Mathematics
This blog presents tools for implementing the Common Core State Standards.

Resources for Teaching Mathematics
Through this website, Stanford University professor Jo Boaler and her colleagues offer tasks, resources, math apps, and research about teaching mathematics.
This site is a collaborative project dedicated to gathering interesting images to be used as a launching point for Number Talks.
A collection of lessons and photos to enhance students’ estimation skills and generate math thinking.
A collection of standards-based videos and lessons.
Visit the National Council of Teacher’s of Mathematics’ website for lesson plans and activity ideas at all grade levels.
This site provides links to numerous math websites and is organized by categories including lesson plans, software, contest and competitions, topics in mathematics, professional organizations, and more.

BrainPop is a group of educational websites with short animated movies for students in grades K-12 covering many subjects including math. (membership required)
This Eisenhower National Clearinghouse website is filled with resources on Inquiry and Problem Solving.

Problem Solving
Solving Problems with Models – Use thinking blocks to model word problems and solve them.
This collection of 3-act tasks, correlated to math standards, contains photos and videos to capture students’ interest and engage them in mathematical thinking.
This site contains a collection of open middle tasks, correlated to Common Core Standards, that challenge students’ mathematical thinking.

NRICH contains math games, problems, puzzles, and interactive tasks for primary through secondary students.
The mathematics section of this website has activities for teachers and parents related to math computation and math problem solving (problems for grades 4-5+).
The “House of Math Word Problems” contains problems at elementary and middle school levels in both English and Spanish. There is a fee to subscribe.


Creating Math Activities
Create personalized crossword puzzles and word searches for key math vocabulary.


Interactive Math Games
This site offers a variety of interactive math games featuring PBS characters.
This site of author Greg Tang hosts a variety of online math games.
Math Playground has a variety of math games, word problems, logic puzzles, and videos for grades PK-8.

A variety of free math apps are available from the Math Learning Center.
Primary students explore interactive games about numbers and counting on this Sesame Street website.
This site offers lessons with clear graphics and easy-to-understand explanations, along with followup opportunities for students to try their hand at the skill. There is also a variety of games and activities including a lemonade stand simulation, tessellation demonstrations, fractals, and much more.
A variety of math skills can be reviewed through interactive games like Measure It!, Math Baseball, Shape Surveyor, Change Maker, and Fresh Baked Fractions. Activities are for grades K-12.
This website of the U.S. Mint has games, cartoons, fun facts, and lesson plans for money activities K-12.
This site by author Greg Tang offers a variety of interactive math games related to elementary math skills.

IXL contains interactive games and practice for math skills K-12. (membership required)

Includes math games correlated to common core standards for grades K-6+.

Math is Fun has K-12 math games, puzzles, and an illustrated dictionary.

Splat! by Steve Wyborney includes interactive and visual tools to support teachers as they promote discussions about decomposition and operations.

Electronic Manipulatives
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives – This site provides access to a multitude of virtual manipulatives at all grade levels. There is a fee to subscribe.
See the tools section of this National Council of Teacher’s of Mathematics’ website for interactive activities for students of all ages.

A variety of free math apps are available from the Math Learning Center.
This site contains interactive games including Math Hoops and Math Olympics. Activities focus on basic facts, logic, and problem solving.

Parent Resources

Parents might be interested in hearing about these sites in which they can find information and activities to support their students’ understanding of mathematics.
This site has a parent link with product information on educational games and toys that support students’ learning outside the classroom.

Kentucky Family Math Resources is a part of the Kentucky Center for Mathematics.

Teacher Resources (Lesson plans, Worksheets, Etc.)

These sites provide a variety of time-saving services (i.e. the creation of bingo cards or rubrics), provide ideas for lesson plans and activity ideas.
Visit the National Council of Teacher’s of Mathematics’ website for lesson plans and activity ideas at all grade levels.
RubiStar assists teachers in the development of rubrics. Samples are shown and teachers are able to modify them to meet their needs.
This website allows teachers to easily create bingo cards, worksheets, and games tailored to students’ levels and specific skills.

Teacher Resources (Sources to purchase resource books, manipulatives, software)
Heinemann Publishing Company (teacher books for professional development)
Hand 2Mind (manipulative-based educational and supplemental materials)
Lakeshore Learning (manipulatives and classroom supplies)
Learning Resources (manipulatives and teacher resource materials)
Scholastic (children’s literature and teacher resource materials)