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Summer Math Ideas #elemmathchat

Thanks for joining me for #elemmathchat on May 9, 2019. I am attaching some of the materials we talked about in our chat. I hope these help you provide fun summer math activities for your students. These are Word documents and just meant to help...


NCTM 2019 San Diego

Join Sue at the NCTM annual conference in San Diego in April. Sue’s session, Step Back and Let Them Talk, will be April 5 at 11:00am in Hilton Aqua D. The session focuses on ways to step back and guide students in discovering math ideas. ...


The Joy of Discovery

My 10-year-old grandson (5th grade) just called me on the phone. He told me he thought he figured something out.  He asked me what 2/3 of 3/4 was and I answered 6/12. He excitedly replied “That’s what I got!” He said his teacher...